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I've always thrived in an environment where I'm able to apply artistic creativity and scientific knowledge to achieve tasks with meaningful results. My wife and business partner Tina calls me “the mad scientist” around the office, as I'm a perfectionist who gives great attention to detail, both technically and aesthetically. This works quite well for me in my duties as a creative director. This title covers a broad range of tasks that include video production, website design and SEO strategies, broadcast radio and television commercial production, graphic design, copy writing, and more. My performing arts background (music and voice acting), my experience as an audio engineer, producer, and studio owner, (where I honed my audio / video production and directing skills, my "blood" (I come from an artistic family), and years of teaching, touring, directing, and engineering – all with the goal of helping people bring a unique and high-quality product to market – prepared me for the home that I've found as Creative Director of Talk 19 Media.